Process Improvement and Quality Control for a U.S. Telemedicine Network Provider

Our partnership has resulted in significant cost savings for our client, with the peace of mind that they can grow exponentially while continuing to meet customer expectations.

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Client Goals:

Upon signing up for Telemedicine service, our client needed to get physical cards into the hands of its customers. As a small business, they started out managing this process in-house when volume was low and easy to keep up with. They were building envelope packs with letters and cards provided by the underwriter, but customer match between letter and card was critical and time-consuming as a two-step process—with plenty of room for error that the client wanted to avoid.

Additionally, explosive growth and popularity of telemedicine was making this task more and more insurmountable for our client to manage in-house, and the provided plastic cards were getting too expensive for large runs.

In initial talks with CDP, our client suggested the simple outsourcing of this fulfillment, but we saw an even better possibility to implement a full program approach.


CDP Approach

CDP approached the project in a way that would not only reduce costs and streamline processes for our client, but also deliver a more accurate, professional product to their end customers.

We reworked the letter and card sleeve into a single variable sheet with integrated cards that are created with variable, personalized information on both sides in a single printing process.

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This critical process change eliminates the need to hand-match between letter and card, gaining significant efficiencies and drastically reducing costs. The presentation of the envelope pack to our client’s end customers is also much more professional and sophisticated.

Additionally, this simplified letter processing will allow for significant future postal discounts, further reducing the overall package cost.

This solution allows for peace of mind that cards and letters will match without question, and processing speed now allows for the client to grow exponentially without any fear of not meeting its customers’ expectations.


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