Publication Services

Working with local communities, organizations, and schools, Canton Data Print provides the design, print, and distribution of your newsletters.  We also work with you to secure advertising for the publications, increasing the value and effectiveness of your project while controlling expenses.

Our goals with our Publication Services is to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Produce materials that move customers to action
  • Streamline your processes

Our Publication Services are your one-stop-shop for your newsletters.

With Canton Data Print, we handle the design, print, and distribution. Let us do the work for you!

How can CDP help your business? We increase the value of your project by:

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Providing Agency level design services

By offering agency-level design services, CDP enables you to access top-tier creativity and design proficiency, ensuring that your printed materials not only look exceptional but also effectively communicate your intended message to the target audience.

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Producing a more engaging publication for your readers

Engaging publications not only inform and entertain but also leave a lasting impression, making readers more likely to remember and act on the content, whether it's to make a purchase, support a cause, or share their newfound knowledge with others, thus adding substantial value to the publication's purpose.

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Consolidation of design, print, and mailing services gives you a one-stop-shop

CDP removes the hassle of multiple steps for getting your publications out there! For a quicker and more efficient turnaround from start to postal drop, CDP does it all; making it easier for you!

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Our mail expertise allows quicker household deliveries by the USPS

No more time spent at the post office! Our expertise in mail delivery streamlines the process, enabling quicker household deliveries by the USPS, reducing delivery times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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We will sell a limited amount of advertising to offset our costs

By carefully curating and selling advertising space, we can maintain the quality and availability of our offerings while minimizing the financial burden on our customers or users. This approach not only helps control expenses, but also ensures that our audience benefits from our content or offerings without being overwhelmed by excessive advertising, delivering a balanced and positive user experience.

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Proven to be more effective than electronic communications

In an era dominated by electronic communication, the value of proven traditional methods lies in their ability to cut through the digital noise and resonate with audiences on a more personal and memorable level, making them a valuable addition to any communication strategy.

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CDP potentially provides additional savings for you as we increase advertising sales

The more successful our advertising initiatives become, the more we can pass on the benefits to you by offering competitive rates, helping you maximize your return on investment and boost your bottom line.

Marketing solutions—simplified.

From idea to solution to delivery, our program approach provides you with one-on-one guidance and project management to ensure your project goals are executed successfully—and in a way that gets you results.


Partner with us to get results.

As your partner and strategist in getting your message in front of the right people, we’re focused on putting together a holistic plan that leads to results—and taking care of all the communications along the way.