Improved Production Speed in Customer Communications for a Regional Cable Provider

Our partnership has resulted in improved efficiency in customer communications.

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Direct Mail | Program Solution
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Client Goals:

As channel lineups and rates change, this Cable Provider needs to constantly be in contact with its customer base through direct mail. And when critical information needs to go out to 30,000 of your members in just 24 hours, how do you tackle that overwhelming task?

Our client had the option to find an offset printer to rush-print envelopes, then a digital printer to rush-print the variable letters, then they’d need to manage logistics to try to get those materials to a reputable lettershop in a reasonable timeframe… They’d need to process the data, gather materials, match, insert and prep 30,000 times correctly to enter the postal stream on time, all within 24 hours.


CDP Approach

After meeting with CDP, our client realized that turning to us for a more comprehensive management approach would not only help them carry out customer communications more efficiently, but help them grow and expand in the long run with a partner they can rely on.

Our dedicated sales people now manage the entire process from start to finish efficiently—from initial request to getting materials into the postal stream. CDP is a right-sized company that takes every project very seriously and very personally to deliver results you can be proud of.



Now when this cable provider needs to get new pieces into the postal stream, we’re able to fulfill their request and get high-quality finished pieces out to customers within 24 hours.


Partner with us to get results.

As your partner and strategist in getting your message in front of the right people, we’re focused on putting together a holistic plan that leads to results—and taking care of all the communications along the way.