Fulfillment for a National Company Providing Coins and Other Numismatic Materials

Our partnership resulted in improved branding and visual appeal of packaging with a postage savings of over 80%.

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Client Goals:

Our client supplies numismatic materials on a national level and attempted to develop a fulfillment process for distributing their products. Their makeshift solution put together in a pinch resulted in a bubble-wrapped shipping package that needed to be sent as a parcel through the USPS. Postage alone was costing them over $4/unit. As a one-off process, the client was reluctantly accepting these steep rates, but when it came time to fulfill over 10,000 pieces, they turned to CDP for expert guidance. They didn’t know how it would be done, but they knew they needed to find a way to get this cost down, or else let their profitability suffer.


CDP Approach

The CDP team took over fulfillment for this large run of over 10,000 pieces. We reverse-engineered the package with a unique envelope and a custom insert to meet the strict guidelines of a completely different Flat Rate USPS shipping method. The new envelope re-sized the package footprint and the adde insert held the materials in a way that kept loose product contained without the need for bulky bubble wrap.



The re-engineered package qualified for initial postal discounts at about $0.90/unit, which our team was able to reduce even further with sortation and preparation to an Automated Flat of just $0.73/unit.

Ultimately, the packets that their customers received had a more professional presentation with consistent and clear branding, leading to higher rates of customer satisfaction. We were able to achieve a postage savings of over 80% for our client, far exceeding their initial expectations.


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