Fun facts about the USPS you probably didn’t know!

Fun facts about the USPS you probably didn’t know!
  • Longest Rural Delivery Route is 175.1 miles in Fordville, North Dakota.
  • Shortest Rural Delivery Route is 1.9 miles in Henderson, Nevada.
  • Lowest Number ZIP Code is 00401, a unique ZIP Code belonging to the Reader’s Digest Association in Pleasantville, New York.
  • The Easiest USPS ZIP Codes to remember are: 12345 in Schenectady, New York, 44444 in Newton Falls, Ohio and 555555 in Young America, Minnesota.
  • Smallest Post Office is in Ochopee, Florida, and was formerly converted to a Post Office in 1953.
  • Oldest operating Post Office is in Castine, Maine. This office has occupied the same building since 1814.
  • Oldest known Post Office is in Boston, Massachusetts, where Richard Fairbanks’ Tavern was designated as the official repository for mail in 1639.
  • Most Extraordinary Post Office is the Peach Springs Post Office in Arizona. It is equipped with walk-in freezers to accommodate the food that is delivered to the bottom of the Grand Canyon by mule train for the Havasupai Indians.
  • Most Unusual Delivery Method is the mule train in Supai, Arizona. The number of mules varies according to volume being carried, Each mule carries about 130 pounds of mail, food, supplies and furniture down the 8 mile trail to the reservation. An average of 41,000 pounds is carried each week.
  • The Postal Service purchases the most rubber bands and pressure sensitive adhesive the world.

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