First Class Daily Presort

First Class Daily Presort

Our business to business first class mail service is designed to make your job simpler and substantialy reduce your mailing costs. Our same day service means your daily mail will be picked up, metered and processed the same day. Our same day service is processed with the highest standards to ensure results.

We also commingle your daily mail which simply means we process all of our clients mail together to get a daily reduced rate for all. This means on days when your quantities are small you will still receive a reduced postage cost.

Our Executive Mail Center Certification gives you the confidence you need to ensure that your mail is processed with the highest standards in accordance to the United States Postal Service. It also means that we know how to reduce your mail costs.


Our integrated process provides you:

• State of the art equipment matched with today’s technology

• Efficiency and accuracy

• Substantial postage savings

• Daily pickup service

• MLOCR Letter processing

• OCR Flat processing

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