CDP University – Understanding the basics

Addressing for Success

How to properly address your mail

The USPS automated equipment reads the mailing address from the bottom of the address to the top.  Your bottom line should contain only the city, state and zip.

Ex:  Anywhere OH 44709

Next:  the line directly above the last line should contain only the delivery address.

Ex:  123 Hard St NW Apt. B

Next: the line above that would contain information such as company name

Ex: ABC Company Incorporated

Next: next line is to whom it is being mailed directly to

Ex: Mr. John Smith

So, you label should read like this:

Mr John Smith

ABC Company Incorporated

123 Hard St NW Apt B

Anywhere OH 44709

There should be no other information in the address block.  Do not use punctuation in the address.  The optical character reader (OCR) can not distinguish these characters and may cause it to delay your mail to the reject center before being deciphered and sent on.  Proper addressing can move your mail through the USPS automated system efficiently resulting in delivery in a timely manner.



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